Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen furniture is designed specifically for use in kitchen spaces with the purpose of storing food, cooking equipment, cutlery and providing food preparation and cooking work surfaces. Kitchen furniture usually includes the following categories:

  • Baker's Rack: Commonly seen in situations where kitchen space is limited. They can help store unused space below or above the microwave, and place microwave utensils, seasonings, or other kitchen supplies. It can also be used as a storage rack in other places;
  • Kitchen Cabinets: including wall cabinets and cupboard, used to store food, tableware, cooking tools and other kitchen supplies. They may be wall-mounted, pedestal-mounted, or freestanding, and may include drawers, shelves, and other organizational tools.
  • Kitchen Islands: A separate unit located in the center of a kitchen that provides additional storage, work surface area and sometimes a sink or stove.
  • Kitchen Rolling Carts: Small mobile workstations, usually on wheels, that make it easier to transport food, utensils, or other items from the kitchen to other locations.
  • Spice Racks: Mainly used for storing and organizing seasonings, keeping the kitchen tidy. It is also convenient to take when cooking at the same time;