BF14MZ03 Cat Tree & Scratcher

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  • All-in-One Cat Tree: This cat villa combines cat play, rest, relaxation and other needs, including cat house, cat hammock, observation decks, sisal posts, funny cat sticks and cat litter enclosure. It makes all functions available, creating a multi-level dream cat tower
  • Hidden Cat Washroom: The cat tower's bottom is a cat litter house with louver-type breathable double doors, which gives the cat more privacy and makes the room more tidy. The spacious interior ( 70 x 48 x 132 cm / 24.8"L x 18.5"W x 15"H) can put the litter box to make a cat toilet or be used to store cat supplies
  • Multiple Resting Places: Your cat feels tired after climbing up and down? Troubled by the several cats? Don't worry, this cat tree is designed with multiple resting spaces-spacious observation decks with soft plush cushions and a cute cat hammock. Moreover, an additional square cat house with two cat holes is added for cats' leisure and rest
  • Fits Cats' Nature: Our designers fully consider the characteristics of the born hunters who like climbing and choose durable sisal posts of different heights to form uneven cat towers for cats to exercise and sharpen their claws. The soft plush balls and the removable sticks help cats release the nature
  • Quality Materials for Reliable Use: Our cat tree is made of premium particleboard and each part is connected firmly for sturdy construction. 4 adjustable feet at the bottom are the bonus for the integral stability while maintaining friendliness to your floors
Cat Tree with Cat House

Why choose HOOBRO all-in-one cat villa?

Our cat tree is a combination of many advantages:

- Sisal posts of different heights connect the watchtowers, cat house and cat litter enclosure at the bottom, creating a multi-layer magic.

- The soft plush cushions, the hammock and the added small cat house provide cats with multiple comfortable resting places.

-The ventilated and stylish louvered cat toilet at the bottom is perfect for cats to keep privacy without odor problem while reserving place to store cat food or supplies with tidiness.

Wooden Cat House with Cat Tree Tower
Color Rustic Brown
Material Particleboard, Iron, Flannelette, Sisal Rope
Product Size 27.6"L x 18.9"W x 52"H
Product Weight 47.2 lb
Max. Weight of Top Cat House: 30 lb
Package Contents 1 x Versatile Cat Tree; 1 x Accessory Kit; 1 x Anti-Tip Kit; 1 x Instructions


All-in-One Indoor Cat Furniture

Added Cat House & Cat Scratching Posts

The upper square cat house is a comfortable resting area for cats and can bear up to 30 lb. The tightly-wound sisal posts are the helper for cats to climb, jump and sharpen their claws.

All-in-One Indoor Cat Furniture

Attractive Cat Hammock

The cute cat hammock suits the temperament of your friends because of the soft materials and improves their sleeping quality.

Additional information

Packaging Size 80 × 54.3 × 20.5 cm
Gross Weight 21.4 kg