HOOBRO Dropshipping Policy

For better and smooth cooperation, please know the policies.

If we encounter the following situations in the process of cooperation, we will solve and deal with them according to these policies.

Policy Update 20231129

The following policies will be implemented from December 1, 2023.

1. Prohibition of vicious competition

In order to maintain the interests and order of one piece shipping customers, all one piece shipping customers must follow the following principles, otherwise we will stop cooperation and supply.

If you want to post product on your online store or webiste, We can provide you with product pictures and descriptions.

2. Payment Account Change

The change of payment account only applies to orders shipped from warehouses in North America and Europe.

HOOBRO Payment

Beneficiary Account Number: 8115191419

Routing (ABA): 026073150

Beneficiary name: Zhengzhouhanzhouboyangjinchukoumaoyiyouxiangongsi

Beneficiary Bank: Community Federal Savings Bank

Beneficiary Bank Address: 810 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1115 New York, NY 10019, USA

Account type: CHECKING

HOOBRO Payment

IBAN: IE96CITI99005170453135


Beneficiary name: Zhengzhouhanzhouboyangjinchukoumaoyiyouxiangongsi

Beneficiary Bank: Citibank

Beneficiary Bank Address: 1 North Wall Quay, International Financial Services Centre (IFSC), Dublin 1, Ireland

HOOBRO Payment

Account number: 07141028

Sort code: 231486

Beneficiary name: Zhengzhouhanzhouboyangjinchukoumaoyiyouxiangongsi

Beneficiary Bank: Barclays

Stock Sale

Please pay attention to the stock update tips.

When the inventory quantity is relatively low, please pay special attention to the changes in inventory, in case when you have the order, the product may be out of stock really, since our other teams is selling them too.

If another new batch of products arrives, we will also update them.

Wrong Address

If we deliver the goods according to the address you provided, you should bear the loss caused by the wrong address.

After shipping, changing the address will also incur costs.

Product damage

We deliver the goods directly to customers.

If the product you received is damaged, please contact us immediately and provide the corresponding evidence, and We will process it as soon as possible.

We deliver the goods to the retailers first, and then the retailers deliver them to the customers with their own transportation.

Because we are not sure who caused the damage, we will not be responsible for the damage caused by transportation.

The product is damaged due to the customer's own operation.

We cannot be irresponsible for this. Please do not install the product violently.

Missing accessories

When the customer finds a lack of accessories after receiving the product.

  • If we have corresponding parts, we will ship them to customers free of charge.
  • If we don't find the right parts, If we don't find the right parts.
  • If the customer is still not accepted, we can resend a product to the customer.

Return Policy

If it is a product quality problem, we will accept the return, resend or refund after communication.

We do not accept returns or refunds if they are returned without cause. All losses shall be borne by the customer.

No product received

Our warehouse has recorded the delivery information and cooperates with internationally renowned express delivery companies. If the logistics information shows that the goods have been signed in, but the customer feedback has not received the goods, the customer needs to give us a feedback at the first time, and we will confirm with the warehouse and the express company as soon as possible. If the goods have been signed for more than 7 days, we will not handle them.