Bakers Rack Customer Review

We bought this bakers rack with the intention of using it for pots, pans, and other kitchen necessities, but it's such a nice piece it turned into a coffee bar/bar. The construction is quite sturdy and well designed, the products coming from China have really stepped it up. It was easy to assemble, and you have the option of making the bottom shelf into one-large or -two smaller shelves. The top mantle is a nice piece of wood, sturdy and feels heavy. We use the top shelf for knickknacks and decoration. The rack can be anchored to the wall, but you can also level it out with the provided feet that screw into the bottom. The wire-rack is also sturdy and we have our coffee mugs, strainer, corkscrew and ice cube tongs hanging off of it. I also went ahead and added two wine glass holders to the underside of the top shelf, with the right sized screw and a pilot hole they fit extremely well. One side holds wine glasses upside down like a real bar, and on the coffee side I have cappuccino glasses. It looks really nice.

On the main shelf we have our Keurig with frother and a small decorative bucket for a few KCups. On the other side I added some tiered blocks that can fit two bottles of liquor/wine on each shelf. There's also enough room to spare, so I added this electric wine bottle opener set I received for Christmas that sits next to the tiered shelves. Even with all this stuff on the bakers rack, it does not feel cramped at all. There is room to breathe, and this was a concern of mine as this bakers rack is smaller compared to others available.

On the bottom most shelf we have our drink mixers, a large decorative bucket filled with a variety of KCups, different tea boxes, and random tumblers we moved out of the kitchen cabinet. On the lower-middle shelf, we have things like sugar and extra coffee mugs on the coffee side and on the alcohol side I added a small 3-bottle wine holder that fits perfectly and a few of my favorite shot-glasses. These shelves are perfect for holding all your accessories or small to large kitchen items.

Overall I am very satisfied with this bakers rack, despite it being smaller and more expensive than other options. The instructions will tell you not to tighten anything until most of the rack is assembled, and you should listen to that. I would highly recommend this product to others.

BF01HB01 bakers rack

bakers rack customer review