Kitchen Rack Customer Review

Ordering online is tough these days, so many times the pictures lead you to believe it will work or be suitable, and reviews are mixed or undetailed, but then some of the reviewers posted photos of what they did with the product. Which is what many did for this Kitchen Rack / Stand and I am now, too.

We moved from a house with much more kitchen storage and counter space. While I managed to purge a few things we hadn't used in years, I simply couldn't part ways with enough 'stuff' to make it all fit into the new kitchen. Luckily the dining area has enough room for a drop-down wall table and shelving. I still had a bakers rack from our previous house but needed something a little...prettier, so after checking out the global photo reviews on Amazon I chose this one.

I was NOT disappointed, and even impressed at the workmanship and instructions that were included. An Allen / Hex key was included and extra screws for each placement were as well, in case any rolled away from you as they appeared to be hardened steel as I managed to strip one end of the hex key when I was almost finished assembly.

It's beefy and will hold a fair sized microwave no problem, in my photo it holds a 6-slice Rotisserie Toaster Oven, percolator and kettle all on the top shelf, and somewhat heavier items on the bottom 2 shelves. The hooks came in handy for toaster oven accessories. Although over time I might rearrange things between it and the bakers rack, this thing was a godsend for me and I still have some room between it and my other bakers rack if I want to relocate anything that's currently in a cupboard.

Highly recommend, I simply love having useable space!

BF01HB01 Kitchen Rack

Kitchen Rack Customer Review