Custom Process

furniture requirements

1. Customer consultation

Tell us all your requirements, such as product, quantity etc.

furniture design

2. Provide design drawings

Tell us the sizes, materials, colors etc.

If you have your own design, it will be better. The clearer the explanation, the fewer product errors and the higher the communication efficiency.

furniture quotation

3. Product quotation

We will quote according to your requirements, quantity and delivery conditions.

4. Sample preparation

If there is no problem with the price, we can start making samples and finally confirm the products.

5. Payment of deposit

Before producing products, you need to pay a part of the deposit. Please contact the sales manager to obtain a account and provide a proof of payment to confirm whether the sales manager has received the deposit.(We suggest that in addition to email communication, we can use instant messaging APP for communication, such as whatsapp, wechat etc, which is more efficient and safer.)

6. Plan production

After paying the deposit, we will prepare the raw materials as soon as possible and arrange the production time.

Packaging and Instruction Printing

In this part, we will know the final packaging dimensions. You can start to design the packaging and instruction printing. After the packaging and instructions are confirmed, we will submit them to a cooperative printing factory for production.

7. Pay the balance

After the production of the product is completed, the goods shall be inspected, and the final payment shall be paid after there is no problem.

furniture shipment

8. Start shipping

After receiving the balance payment, we will deliver the goods as agreed.